Caleb Dean   a singer/songwriter, born in the heartland state of Indiana and raised
in Glenwood Springs, a small Mountain town in Colorado. You could say Caleb's musical journey started
when he was just a kid listening to his granddad playing banjo in the house
along with uncles and cousins and was greatly inspired by the likes of Roger Miller, Hank Williams,
Elvis Presley, Merl Haggerd and Johnny Cash.
 Caleb Dean tried his hand at songwriting in the early 80s but did'nt make it to Nashville until 1993
where he simply knocked on publishers doors in the heart of music row and with some patients
and a bit of luck he landned a three song publisher deal.
Caleb was playing regularly around Colorado at the Cowboy bars and the ski resorts where he met and signed up with
The Eagle River Band and two time Grammy Nominee Rick Devin and opened shows for
 Micheal Martin Murphys West Fest in Colorado and Scottsdale Arizona, Rick and Caleb are long time friends to this day!
And so the musicial journey moves on.......
After taking a trip to Nashville in the early 90's Caleb moved to music city for a summer to
decide if moving the family to Tennessee was the right choice. After writing and recording in
Nashville for a while and having songs published he realized his heart belonged with his
family in the Rockies. Caleb spent the next years raising two sons, teaching them how to hunt,
fish and of course play...... music. Between the shows, Caleb and his family spent a lot of time
following their other passion, being in the outdoors. Little did he know that years later, after teaching
his sons to play music and raising them in a family band (The Whittingtons Band), Caleb
would be back in Nashville, only this time it would be to move his sons to the Music Capitol.
Now Nashville is like a second home where he spends a lot of time playing music and
watching his sons careers grow. Now it seems Caleb is playing more music than ever,
keeping his love for music going and enjoying every show. With a hot country band
behind him Caleb Dean brings every song to life with his rich vocals, the way only a true
country troubadour can. When he sings you can hear those long days  working as a young man
in a Colorado coal mine or days on the horse ranch, and the lonely nights, scented with bourbon and beer.
 Caleb Dean strives to always put on a great show and to bring
the Country experience to your doorstep. Honest and true the way Country's meant to be Played.

Caleb and Son Parker

Caleb fishing

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