A short message from David Letterman


Singer / Songwriter

    Caleb Dean,  through the 90's his time was spent in and out Nashville song writing and performing, crafting his talents. He is a published writer with SESAC and recorded artist.  Now decades later he is the "real deal Country singer". These days you'll usually find him in his beloved Big Sky Country Montana.  Caleb is best described as a country crooner in the likes of Ricky VanShelton, Hal Ketchum, Johnny Lee, TG Shepard,  B J. Thomas, Micky Gilley, George Strait. 

     Calebs career is back on track as he took a three year hiatis while working on a Bison ranch in Choteau,Mt. " Caleb needed some time to reflect on life and settle in to what and who he really is"  that's his passion of Montana ranching and his first love, Music! 

   The Caleb Dean Band is resurrected,  with former band mates  Larry Gottlieb , J D Martin, Dave Johnson, Paul Valetine these guys are the Back Bone of the band,  they have all been and still are Pros in the music industry which include number one songs on the Billboard charts and touring with some of the biggest artist through the decades. " Caleb say's he is very humbled to have the support and respect of these Great players"

A short message from David Letterman

Caleb Dean

Reviews & Media Buzz

Simply put Outstanding! a talented and consummate performer.   David Letterman


A Real Deal country voice the way it used to be! Nashville singer/songwriter.   Keenan Date

                              I've shared the the stage many times with my friend Caleb Dean, Great Days and always a real Pro.                                                                                                                  Two time Grammy nominee    Rick Devin

A very Soulful country voice.  Musician / Actor author and composer   Paul Shaffer

I had listen to Caleb perform a few years back, on his break I introduced myself and told him he was a close to a Garth Brooks as I had heard in his delivery of country song and stage presence.   Legendary Recording artist    Tommy James

Caleb is a real stand up guy with a true country presence and delivery of a song also my friend!  Nashville songwriter.    Jill Wood

                                           Once again the real deal country singer not many left, an easy artist to work with and so much fun!                                                                                                        Toured with the Band Liberty & John Denver                 Musician / Author    Larry Gottlieb

Played in this guys band for years never a dull moment I thought as a boy growing up he was Geogre Strait,  turns out he was just my dad Caleb Dean.   Nashville musician recording artist    Parker Whittington